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Faulty Cat Productions is based in Melbourne, and is a way of discovering creative ways to do music and production, while valuing connection, community, and rigour. Faulty Cat Productions works to understand the values and experiences that underpin your needs, and to respond innovatively with integrity and expressiveness through audio, sound design, composition, and project management. Vincent Giles is a composer, sound designer, and producer of exploratory music.


Production Services Overview
Based in Melbourne, Australia, Faulty Cat Productions offers a range of services across audio and production including Editing, Mixing, Sound Design, Composition, Project Management, and Consultation. Desktop users can click the left and right arrows, while mobile users get little navigation circles to navigate for short descriptions of services.
Audio Post-production
Audio Asset Editing and refinement for software, voiceover, podcasts, media. Post-Production Mixing for audio projects and sessions, focussing on exploratory techniques to give your work uniqueness.
Audio Sound Design
Sound Design for interactive/new media, games, film, installation, galleries.
Music Music Composition
Composition for interactive/new media, games, film, installation, galleries.
Production Project Management
Project Management for arts projects, events, interactive/new media. Music Production services to creatively guide your music and help you reach your goals to the best quality possible.
Production Consultation
Consulting for audio and music in software, spaces, for events, and for use in projects.


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